Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Apples new i *phone* commercial is total and complete SHIT!!!

Please tell me you have the same hatred for the new i *phone* commercial as I do. It's the one titled "Big News". Barf!!!!! Its a cute little skinny girl telling her honey he is going to be a FATHER!! Gag!! I always change it when it comes on and last night I couldn't get to the remote in time. My husband even hates the commercial which is total and complete confirmation that it's a heartless, lame commercial!!!!!! I am sure some sperm filled 23 year old freshly graduated advertising "genius" created that commercial. Definitely wasn't a woman!!!!!!! And if it was a woman she should have her ovaries gouged out with a spoon.

Just in case you want to torture yourself here's the link. Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


nennermommy said...

It would be a lot cheaper if you just buy an i phone that IVF. If that is how it worked for!!!! xoxoxo

Rachel said...

AND they also have the one where the grandfather sees the grandchild for the 1st time :(