Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Path

My husband and I had a heart to heart about family, IVF, adoption and our desire to be parents. We have both decided we are ready to look into adoption. My husband has always said he would adopt if IVF doesn't work but he has now come to a place in his heart that he would like to work toward both. I have a much deeper respect and love for my husband after this conversation. His heart is HUGE.

We are attending an adoption orientation at the end of this month. We have signed up for the class. We will be receiving paperwork and an invitation in the mail any day now. I am beyond excited. At this point we are thinking foster to adopt is the best option for us. We are open to ages 0-3 boy or girl and we are also open to a sibling group. Hopefully orientation will help figure out the best road for us.

My heart jumps out of my chest and my eyes fill with tears whenever I think that one or more of our future children are already on this earth waiting for us!!!!!! What an amazing feeling and crushing at the same time.

We are still moving forward with IVF but I feel much better about not having all our eggs in one basket. I truly don't care how our little family is started just as long as we start.

I told my Mom about our plan a couple days ago and asked her not to say anything because I was afraid of peoples negative reaction and opinions about adoption. BUT then I thought this is OUR life and our family. I will not let others negative outlook towards how we create our family scare me and keep me from being excited.

That's all for now. I feel super great about the path we are on.