Monday, February 7, 2011

Peaceful dream

Last night I had a dream that was so real. I dreamt I had a baby girl. Not a new born but a little one that was old enough to sit up in a high chair. She had the most amazing brown eyes and was super mellow. She was sitting in her high chair and I was feeding her carrot baby food. I was really worried I wasn't feeding her the correct amount. I kept thinking I need to call my friend Jen and Jen will know how much I need to feed her.

This is not he first time I have had a dream about having a child. The crazy thing is, is every time I have a dream like this its the most peaceful dream. The lighting in my dream is perfect, the feeling I have is complete and total AWE. They are so real. And another weird thing is I never dream of a new born. It's always of a baby who is a bit older. But it's always so peaceful. It's nice.

I am sure I had the dream last night because Jason dropped a few baby names yesterday, my Mom and I text a couple baby names back and forth and I googled places to stay and see in Alaska (where the IVF doctor is located) for HOURS and HOURS yesterday.

Happy Monday Everyone. I hope you have a great week.


Jaime said...

What a wonderful dream! I hope it is truly a sign of things to come!

Lindsey said...

A peaceful baby dream sounds amazing! I think its a good sign!! Let me know if you want any reccomendations for stuff to see in AK.

Crossing My Fingers said...

What a great dream? When are you headed to Alaska?

Joyce said...

Oh, I can so see your dream! It is beautiful. So when's the trip? Are you both going?

We Love you,