Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I am lucky

In the past year I have had three tubal pregnancies. I say this because once I really sit back and think about it that is some hardcore shit. In the infertile world I am considered "lucky". Most woman have NEVER seen a positive pregnancy test. Most have never seen their little "bean" on an ultrasound screen. Well I have experienced both. My problem is not getting pregnant its getting pregnant in my uterus. My fallopian tubes tube is crap and can't push the little baby to my uterus. The doctors know my problem and IVF was created for woman with my problem. YIPPY!!!!! So see, I am lucky. A new little friend of mine made a great point. She has unexplained infertility .She has spent years and TONS of money trying to conceive and still, nothing.  She said,  "If a doctor told me all I needed to do is pay $15,000.00 to have a baby, I would pay it in a heartbeat." Wow, really.  I never thought of it like that and it sure makes me feel LUCKY.

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