Sunday, February 3, 2013

Moving right along

The IVF fundraiser is moving along nicely. Better than expected really. My sister in law Maria has been working her little booty off pimping our story. She is raising money left and right for us. Everyone has been so generous. My sister in law KC has started a fundraiser for us too. My brother in law Chris is doing a little ebay side work for us. My friend Marianne won big bucks at the casino and give it all to us. Everyone is doing what they can. We are so lucky to have everyone's support. I am so thankful for all the lovely people in my life.

We have an appointment with our IVF doctor at the end of this month. I am so ready to get this show on the road!!!!!!!!!!

Today is bitter sweet. The baby that we thought would be ours was born today. Crazy to think just months ago it was planned she would be ours. Not sad or mad just a weird feeling inside. I am happy that they decided to keep her and raise her. I wish them all the best. 

Thank you everyone for your supportive calls, texts and sweet comments. An internet "friend" left me a comment that said, "I hope you become a mom. That's my wish". HOW SWEET IS THAT?!?! I think about that comment everyday. I hope that too my dear.

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Lindsey said...

Its wonderful that your family is so supportive! Are you seeing a local RE now or are you coming back to AK?