Monday, February 20, 2012

"I Would Die For That"


Michael said...

People don't really get the emotions involved with trying to have a child until you go through it. At least that's my experience. I had no idea how emotional the process would be until I started. This song does a pretty good job of helping explain the emotions!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Carrillo, my long time friend! I just caught up on your posts. you're breaking my heart and at the same time so happy that you are so strong. I can't relate, I have never had a problem. But I can say I do know what it's like to fight! Fight for something you want & believe in for me it's my Life, for you a sweet precious baby to love you back! All I can say is keep fighting & never give up, dreams do come true! I pray that one day you are blessed with a precious bundle of joy. "I Hope you become a mommy" love your always friend Riggs!