Friday, October 15, 2010

October 15th

I wish Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness was not needed, as we all do. If you have experienced this type of loss my heart breaks for you. I know how it feels to see a positive pregnancy test, over and over and over and then......nothing. Complete loss. But thanks to people bringing awareness to these issues hopefully woman (and men) will not grieve alone and will be offered to support they so desperately deserve.

I wish everyone happy, healthy pregnancies and BABIES!!!


Four babies 4 us said...

Beautifully said sweetie. I wish no one had to know the pain of losing a child.
As much pain as I felt at my loss, I've felt an equal if not greater joy from finally having my quads...If it weren't for the one I lost, I wouldn't have the ones I do.
I'm praying for healthy babies for you too!

nennermommy said...


Crossing My Fingers said...

I've never lost a child or miscarried but I can't even imagine. I'm glad more and more awareness is being raised about it.