Thursday, September 30, 2010

Attention Baby Store Manager

Still not babies (shocking I know). Still no IVF scheduled. We talk about our future babies all of the time but still no major plans in sight. Our money saved thus far for IVF has gained $17 dollars and change in interest ha ha!! My sister-in-law Kimberly raised us money through her Papered Chef gig (thank you Kim!!) and my sister-in-law Lela (I love your f-ing guts) has offered a nice chunk of change once we get this party started so at this point we need a little over $4,000. Getting much closer!!!!!!!

I read tons of adoption/foster blogs and watch the Adoption Story daily on Discovery Health Channel. LOVE that show. LOVE! I am not giving up on the hopes of having a biological child at all but adoption gives me hope that one way or another we will be parents. It's nuts to think our future child/children may already be on this earth. Born to a mother and father unable to care for them and one day our paths may cross. Either way I sure hope to have some babies sooner rather than later. So ummmm God, Universe or whomever is listening Lani (our niece) put in her order for our baby about two years ago and we are still waiting. Lani has been told babies come from the baby store :) She placed an order directly to the baby store manager about two years ago. We have told her the babies are on back order and they will get us one as soon as possible. Oh man if it was that easy we would all be some happy ladies

K.A. and J.M. I miss seeing you cute girls each day. I hope you both are happy and healthy.


nennermommy said...

Would it be black market if Harris and I have a baby and we give it to you? No Charge :)

Anonymous said...

So excited that you posted something new! We miss you terribly. Still trying to figure out how I can hide all the new pampered chef stuff from hubby. Maybe I can pull the old "That is old I have had it forever" comment!! Love ya girly!! K.A.

Crossing My Fingers said...

Lani sounds like a sweet little girl. What great friends to help you out with the cost...sucky that IF is so expensive! I hope you get the $4000 soon so you can start your journey.