Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Face*book is not the place to be today!! I am a dummy and logged in this morning after about 2 minutes of, "There is no more important job than a mother", "Re-post this if you are a mother", "Without my kids I am nothing", blah, blah, blah. I mean I don't want the entire world to be infertile but goodness me FB is depressing today.

So Happy (trying to be a, working on it dammit) Mother's Day to all my sweet girls. If your little frozen embryos could send a card they surely would :)

And Happy Mother's Day to my cute as ever Mom.

Love you all to pieces.


Crossing My Fingers said...

And a Happy Sticking-Myself-With-Needles-EveryDay-to-meet you Mother's Day to you!

A womb for rent said...

Hon, You are the very best MOMMY I know!!! I love you Jenny!!!!!

Lindsey said...

I was a total coward yesterday and avoided FB and blogs because I could barely make it through the grocery store... How are the shots coming?