Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aunt Flo

My dear Aunt Flo showed up today!! Good girl!!

I called Nurse Alaska to let her know. Just waiting to hear back from her so that we can set a schedule. Looks like I will be on birth control for 14-21 days starting Thursday and then I will start my meds. Ahhhhhh!!

In a weird twist of fate today I met a girl from my work that did IVF last November. She works at a different office and has been at my office helping out this week. She is super easy to talk to so we starting chatting and I discovered she had just done IVF.  Instant bond!!! She has allllllll sorts of shit left over. Needles, meds, sharps container ................ you name it. She is going to gather up all her leftovers and bring them to ME!!!!!!!!!!!! How freaking great is she!!

I can't believe the time has come!!!!!! From this point on we are IN. ALL IN!!!!!!


Lindsey said...

Yeah! I love it when the bitch acts like shes supposed to! So when will you be in AK?? Also awesome that you found a friend to talk to and some free supplies!

Marianne said...

OH YAY!!! I am tickled pink for you, or is it tickled blue?! WOOO F*n HOOOOOOOO!!!!!! XOXOX Lots of prayers coming your way!!!