Monday, March 28, 2011

A tiny little update

(This pic is so weird)

OK M.B. this post is for you my dear :)

Nurse Alaska mailed my protocol and it arrived Saturday. I don't really understand what it all means! I left a message for Nurse Alaska telling her I received the paper work and was ready to go through it with her. She text me back and let me know she would be calling tomorrow around 3pm my time.

At this point it looks like we should be starting this process in about 14 days. Tomorrow I will have an exact timeline. We should be in Alaska sometime mid May. I think!!

I know its not much of an update but I truly won't know details until tomorrow.

I promise to update once Nurse Alaska sets me straight.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I have been so excited for you and following your educational(if you can call it that)experience on becoming a mommy! Cheers to you and nurse Alaska, YAY!!!

Lindsey said...

Don't worry. Shell do a great job explaining! 2 weeks!!!!