Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Grateful as one can be

My heart is FULL right now. I am amazed by the love and concern people have for us and our "need" to have a baby.

Here is a little list of all the goodness that has me so damn full:

My dear friend Jen told another friend about our struggles. Her friend has been in our boat and beyond. Well her friend K has emailed me everyday with the most useful and solid advice. I am a total stranger to her and she take TONS of her time to write these wonderfully detailed emails regarding good clinic across America, cheap meds and so on.

My sweet Mother tries to keeps me from losing my head and letting my mind run away from me.

Auntie M. I feel like her word is golden. What she says goes. I trust her with my life. She tried and tried and tried and tried IVF and finally got her babies. She's like a little pot of gold. HOPE!!
And then there is my friend Marianna. I have known her for YEARS. Her and I have always had a connection. You know those good friends that you don't talk to for years and then bam you talk one day and its like you never missed a day. Well she's one of those yummy little friends. She sent me the cutest little Christmas card and I received it yesterday. I put her card in my tree for all to adore. She text me tonight and said, "Did you get your Christmas card?". I text her back that I got the card and loved it. She text me back and said, "Did you look in the envelope?" Ummmmmmmmmmm oops.......... She text me back said look in the envelope. Thank goodness I had not tossed the envelope yet. I found the envelope, pecked inside and found a check. This was not any old check. This was a check for a thousand dollars. In the memo was written IVF fund. Needless to say I was shocked. I am still shocked. The weird thing is seconds before she sent me the text regarding the card I was rubbing, YES rubbing a tick out of my sweet doggies head. I was on the verge of tears and throwing up from that when she text me about the card. My body went from being grossed out and feeling so bad for my doggie to JOY!! I called her the second I laid eyes on the check. My body wanted to laugh, cry, jump, yell......... I sounded like a crazy lady while talking to her trying to find the right words to express my gratitude. She of course was kind and said all the things only a true friend would know to say. Man oh man I am still so shocked. What a wonderul woman. Thank you Marianne!!!!

So you see my heart is full of love and gratitude right now. It's truly amazing how people care so much. I am thankful to all of you for understanding our struggles and doing everything you can to make us feel loved.

PS Bandit's tick is out. ALL the way out. I googled how to get a tick out and some really smart dude said rub that sucker fast in a clockwise direction until it backs out. Let me tell you how f-ing fun that was!!!! Grossest shit ever. I was dry heaving and gagging when I was done. Sweet Bandit layed there like a good boy. He has a big hole in his head but all seems to be well.

What a day!!!


Crossing My Fingers said...

Wow! That all sounds like awesome stuff/people! Don't you love when things just "happen" like that. I hope you fill your IVF soon because I'm excited to follow your journey!

Four babies 4 us said...

What a wonderful friend. You will both be blessed beyond comprehension because of her generousity.
God bless both of you.

I love you gurl!!!

Auntie M

Crossing My Fingers said...

Leaving you an award on my blog.