Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Two nights ago I had a dream that is still with me. It was vivid. Sometimes I love those dreams. The lighting, the smell, the way it felt was so real.

I had a dream "someone" gave me a baby boy. This baby was not a newborn. He was about three months old with a tuft of blonde curly hair on top of his little head. He was dressed in a pure white sweater outfit. It was thick and cozy. He smelled so good and was very mellow. I was just walking around holding him. The lighting in my dream was amazing. It was dusk and full of purple and blue colors. The baby was snuggled up with his face buried in my neck. Everyone I knew was around and they were all so happy for us. I just remember feeling at total peace.

I woke up feeling strange. Upset that it wasn't true but also very grateful I was able to have such a vivid dream. It stayed with me all morning. I can still smell the clean little baby.


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Four babies 4 us said...

Not weird sweetie. Sometimes dreams tell of our futures. However, dreams are usually subliminal but we see them as literal. I believe that baby will be in your arms, but it may not come to you in the way you think...